About us

Jerry Williams is car owner, driver, and builder of this 1932 Ford Sedan Buck Simmons tribute car. Williams grew up in Cornelia, Ga. enjoying local dirt track racing at tracks in Toccoa, Banks Co, Anderson S.C., and Lavonia in the late 50's and early 60's. This is when racing was a Friday and Saturday night tradition and occasionally on Sunday afternoon when mamma wasn't looking. 

Jerry watched legend Buck Simmons race his first race in Tocca when Simmons was 13 and Williams was only 9. Williams can't recall if Simmons won or lost but does remember that he didn't wreck and everyone wondered how that kid could go so fast in a 1953 Oldsmobile.

It ends up it was his daddy's moonshine car.  And those cars were prepared to run fast, on dirt, and anywhere else it needed to go to outrun the revenue agents.

After this first famous run at 13, Simmons went on to win 1024 documented races from local dirt tracks to NASCAR races.  He finally retired a couple of years ago in his 60's.

Williams enjoyed dirt track racing at Banks Co and Toccoa until he broke his back in an accident and was "loving" retired by his wife in 1979. Before his retirement of the sport, he earned the name, "lead foot." He still carries his title in some groups updated to "Ole Lead Foot" for fun.  Williams has been in auto restoration and racing in some capacity most of his life.

Currently he owns GTS Customs, Inc. an auto restoration shop in Baldwin, Ga. As a personal project he built a dirt track car with ever intention of racing on the NVRA (link this to NVRAracing.org) dirt track circuit.  Look for him there and keep updated here as we add to the site along the way!

Williams painted the car as a tribute to his childhood hero Buck Simmons.  According to Williams there are few people in the country who have won more races.  Simmons is local. He's a hero. And he deserved honoring for his accomplishments.

Williams says, "Buck Simmons may not be in a class by himself, but the class he is in, it doesn't take long to call the roll."